ACCU-RIGHT WIRE EDM CORP. is a full service wire EDM job shop, serving southern California since 1981. We are equipped with the finest wire machines in the industry, including Agie and Charmilles. For 29 years we have provided our customers with the highest quality and best service available. We have extensive expertise and experience in;

Stamping dies                                                 Exotic Materials                             X axis 15.75"
Extrusion dies                                                  Gears                                               Y Axis 11.80"
Form tools                                                        Splines                                             U Axis 19.86"
Screw Machine Tools                                     Jigs                                                   V Axis 15.75"
Microwave Communications                       Fixtures                                            Z Axis 15.75"
Medical Instruments                                      Gauges          
Automotive Parts                                                             Max  Taper Angle 30 @15.75" High
Aircraft Parts                                                                     Accuracy to 0.0001"
Satellite Components

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